3 benefits of custom windows

Is your space in need of a window refresh? If so, consider the option of professionally made custom windows. Having custom windows installed rather than generic windows can produce a plethora of benefits for your home and your wallet. Let’s look at a few of the benefits of custom windows.

Your Choice Matters: 3 Benefits of Custom Windows for Your Home or Office

1. Energy Efficiency

Studies show that old, drafty windows can be responsible for up to 70% of your home’s energy loss. Windows are essentially holes in the walls of your home. While they’re a necessary addition to your home, windows can easily become a large source of energy loss when manufactured or installed poorly.

However, replacing your windows with generic brands may fix part of the issue, but it won’t necessarily save energy. Custom energy efficient windows are made to save energy! 90% of window heat lost is through its glass, which is why custom windows are fit with insulating glass in order to keep the conditioned air in your home, whether it be hotter or colder than the air outside, inside your home.

Saving energy means saving money. On average, US homeowners with custom energy efficient windows save $126 to $465 a year on their utility bills. In some cases, achieving a certain level of energy efficiency can qualify you for energy credits. Energy credits can give you a discount on property and income taxes.

2. Custom Design Freedom

A home or commercial space with a unique design quality tends to stand out. One way to enhance the aesthetic of your home is to have one or more unique custom windows installed. There are multiple design factors that come with custom windows, such as color, depth, glass type, shape, size and arrangements. Your new custom window has endless potential for maximized customization – inside and outside! While your current window placement may not be a main focal point, windows bring light into your home, setting the tone of your space and its décor.

3. Professional Installation

Anyone can install windows – but will they be installed correctly? If installed improperly, windows can form drafts or leaks, ruining their purpose. When you order custom windows from RSW, we not only bring them to you, but we also install them. Our professional team gets the job done right, handling your windows with care and installing with perfection. Additionally, we never leave a mess behind, which leaves your space clean and debris-free for you to enjoy your new windows. Call us today at (423) 541-5754.